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D. Hughes Construction & Concrete Pumping, INC.
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DHC has very experienced and diverse construction crews, whom are qualified to do numerous tasks that a project of any size might have. The construction side of DHC has services such as excavation, footing and foundations of any size and shape, parking lots, laser screeded floors, decorative concrete, and steel erection.

DHC has a very wide range of equipment support to help the construction crews move ahead quicker. With equipment from excavators, ground heaters for frozen ground, large truss screeds for parking lots, laser screeds for super flat floors, fork lifts and aerial lifts for steel erections, curb and gutter machine for faster quantity and quality of curb and gutter with different molds for different applications we are quite capable of any obstacle that may come up on a construction site. In order to keep equipment going and moving ahead DHC does employee mechanics and welders to stay on top of proper service.

Our construction crews are diverse and can accomplish any trade from finishing concrete to rod busting, to forming walls, carpenter work and running equipment. If employees are running equipment they have been through certification classes and proper training along with OSHA 10 construction classes and safety classes such as First Aid and CPR.

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