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Below you will find charts showing the statistics of our pumps.

Schwing 32 Meter Boom Pump

Boom SpecificationsU.S.Metric
Pipeline Diameter5”125 mm
Vertical Reach106’32 m
Reach From Slewing Axis93’28.3 m
Net Horizontal Reach84’ – 4”25.7 m
Unfolding Height25’ – 4”7.5 m
Section Lengths:
First Section25’ – 11’7.9 m
Second Section23’ – 1’7 m
Third Section23’ – 1’7 m
Fourth Section20’ – 10”6.3 m
Slewing Range400 deg.400 deg.
End Hose Length12’ – 6”3.8 m

D Hughes Image